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Welcome to Vienna, a city where history and elegance converge, creating a tapestry of culture and charm. Our driven or walking tour will take you through the heart of this imperial city, unveiling its rich heritage and architectural splendor. Lace up your walking shoes, and let's embark on a journey through Vienna's iconic landmarks, or lean back and enjoy the ride.


Peter, founder of Wienguide Private Tours, is a local well experienced private guide in Vienna. He and his team are standing for uppermost high quality guiding services in Vienna.


We want to show people the side of our city and country, that not everyone gets to see. We truly will bring our history and city to life, through our personal stories, our expertises and mostly through our great passion for guiding. We often hear our clients saying that they've had a "Trip OF A Lifetime" with us.

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Licensed, Enthusiastic, Fun, a lot of information & TOPRATED on Tripadvisor!!!!!!!

 Amazing Tours, which will go under your skin!

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First time in Vienna with family of 6, incl. 4 "kids" ages 10 - 20. Peter brought the city to life in a way that we could not have gotten otherwise, mixing incredible information and insight, history, humor and warm hospitality in a perfect package that everyone in the family absolutely loved. Peter adores his city, his job and educating people -- and all of that comes through in this experience. We would tour with Peter again and again ....and again. Hope to see Peter again for Vienna 2.0, and also to stay in touch personally. A "wow", exemplary in every way and recommend fully and completely.
Date July 2019
GrusKing from Atlanta
Larence W from Florida
Peter gave us an outstanding tour of Vienna during our 7 hour private tour of Vienna. He was the consummate guide. We started at the Palais Coburg to get a brief history of Vienna and to see a piece of the original wall protecting the city . From there, Peter took us on the absolute must see locations in the city. What makes Peter one of the best guides I’ve ever had was his love of Vienna and his ability to bring history alive. Never boring and always accommodating, Peter gave my girlfriend and I an outstanding experience.
Peter has incredible organizational skills so we never wasted time waiting for entry to any location. That included Cafe Central, Schonbrunn Palace, and Belvedere Museum. Our breaks were skillfully incorporated so we never wasted time.
There is simply is no better way to understand and see the historical significance and the absolute beauty of Vienna than to see it using Wienguide Tours.

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Vienna; Maria Theresia monument & Museum of fine art

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  • excellent service
  • flexible tours
  • tailor made tours
  • great references
  • great value
  • easy cancellation policy
  • 25 years experience
  • a lot of enthusiasm
  • privacy & fun
  • individual service
  • fully licensed top entertaining tour guides 
  • personality & flexibility

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My path to become a private tour guide in Vienna

Peter and his lovely family!
Peter and his lovely family!

Born in Burgenland, I spent my childhood there, and at the age of 18 moved to Vienna. The city amazed me right from the beginning – and continues to do so today.


After many working years, a holiday in Costa Rica came about by chance. There the joy of guiding, and much more, came into being.

After a couple of years of guiding and enjoying Costar Rica I returned to Austria.


Once back in Austria, “IT” happened. “IT” being my son Maxi, who is now almost 25 years old. As a serious father I naturally needed an occupation that corresponded. Good advice was expensive. On the one hand I spent my winter as a tour guide in Costa Rica, which I didn’t want to stop, and on the other I also wanted to work with people in Vienna and use my knowledge of history and languages.

Had the job of private tour guide Vienna not existed, one could have created it for me. The job was perfect – and today, after more than 25 years of guiding in Vienna and Austria it still brings me as much joy as it did in the beginning.

Meanwhile I do have a couple of excellent handpicked tourguides on my side! All of them just wonderful, experienced and very charming So our ultimate goal is to make all our tours unique and special. We organize top-quality private tours focussed on a very personal touch to make you feel part of the city. We promise that our tours will go deep under your skin.

What else has taken place?

Actually, not much. Oh yes, there was the birth of my son Leon, almost 23 years old now and then my daughter Alina (21) and now number 4 is already born and meanwhile she is already 17 years old. Her name is Valentina. She is now the "storming-highlight" in our big family!


So there is a lot to do and I am very much looking forward to the next couple of years. My son Max is joining his daddy already as a driver & fully licensed guide during most of the tours! Lets see if my daughter Alina takes over the accountancy and booking and....Family business!


You are warmly invited to join our unique, high-quality, private city tours in Vienna!