Fully private classic Vienna walking tour

The very best start for every Vienna visitor - best introduction to Vienna

Wiener Staatsoper
Wiener Staatsoper
Hofburg | © fotolia
Hofburg | © fotolia
Karlskirche & Seccesion
Stephansdom | © fotolia


  • Vienna state Opera house
  • St. Augustine's Church (inside)
  • Hofburg palace & garden
  • Spanish riding school
  • Hereo square
  • Kohlmarkt
  • Plague column
  • Graben street
  • St. Stephen's Cathedral
Hereosquare, Hofburg
Hereosquare, Hofburg
St. Stephans & horses!
St. Stephans & horses!
Pedestrian Vienna
Pedestrian Vienna

Guide Max
Guide Max

Your Guide: Peter & guests
Your Guide: Peter & guests


A Symphony of Vienna's Splendors

Welcome to Vienna, the city where every step echoes with the melody of history and cultural grandeur. Our walking tour takes you on a harmonious journey through some of Vienna's most iconic landmarks, beginning with the majestic Vienna State Opera.

Vienna State Opera

Our adventure kicks off at the Vienna State Opera, a masterpiece of neoclassical architecture. Admire the grand façade and learn about the operatic history that has graced its stages. As we delve into the heart of Vienna, the Opera House sets the stage for the city's artistic and cultural richness.

Hofburg Palace

Our next destination is the opulent Hofburg Palace. This imperial residence, with its vast complex, has witnessed centuries of Habsburg rule. Explore the Imperial face of Vienna, gaining insights into the lives of emperors and empresses who once walked these halls.

Stroll along Kohlmarkt and Graben

Embark on a leisurely stroll along Kohlmarkt and Graben, Vienna's renowned shopping streets. Immerse yourself in the elegant atmosphere, where history and modernity seamlessly intertwine. Admire the architectural gems, boutique shops, and street performers that bring these lively streets to life.

St. Stephen's Cathedral (Stephansdom)

Our tour crescendos at St. Stephen's Cathedral, the symbolic heart of Vienna. The vibrant Stephansplatz, surrounded by shops and cafes, offers the perfect backdrop for concluding our journey.


As you conclude this walking tour, you'll carry the melodies of Vienna's cultural symphony with you, from the grandeur of the Vienna State Opera to the historic charm of St. Stephen's Cathedral. Enjoy your fully private exploration of Vienna!

Duration & Price


Duration 2,5 hours


  • Pick up from your hotel or in the city center
  • private guide
  • Private walking tour
  • best service guarantee
  • Drop off at your hotel


not included:


  • Optional entrance fees
  • Food and beverages

price for walking tour:

€ 300,–


Prices are  for  private groups  of up to max  10 persons.

Itinerary can be customize to special interest.  



up to 4 days before the date 

no cancellation fee

0-3 days before the date 

100% cancellation fee 



Herren Square, Hofburg Palace Vienna
Herren Square, Hofburg Palace Vienna